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Christmas Gift Wish List

If you haven’t yet decided what to put on your Christmas list, check out our selection of perfect open water swimming gifts.

Dryrobe Oct2014 188


From £74.99


The most versatile change robe in the world, dryrobe has gained quite a reputation and is recognised as the world’s leading change robe manufacturer. Worn by Team GB Olympic and Paralympic swimmers, divers and triathletes in Rio 2016.

Whether you are simply enjoying leisure time or competing at the highest level, dryrobe is designed to be used multiple times throughout the day, over wet or dry kit, without the need for drying between uses.

Changing outdoors has never been easier. Simply pull your arms in through the generous sleeves to get changed inside whilst keeping warm, dry and decent in the process. Get changed and stay warm with dryrobe.

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Ameo Powerbreather

Sport (recreation) £70

Lap (tumble turns) £80

Wave (open water) £100


Neatly packed in a smart black zip case, the streamlined looks of the Ameo Powerbreather training snorkel, with side tubes for forward vision, twist lock adjustment for secure fit, fresh air system for healthy swimming, and membranes to keep water out and build lung muscles (altitude training at sea level), this amazing product inspires athletes, fitness enthusiasts and holiday swimmers alike to swim further, faster, better and more enjoyably than ever before, year round.

Wetsuit Spirit Female Front

Selkie Wraith Spirit wetsuit



The newly launched Spirit is a bold move away from the typical swim wetsuit look, having been designed for and by open water swimmers.

Made with super stretch and mesh Glideskin neoprene, it sets new standards in swim style and technique focus. Constructed with neutral buoyancy, the suit works with you to improve balance, technique, and ultimately speed in the water.

Diamond Golden Preview

Head Diamond Mirrored Gold Edition



The latest innovation from Head, the new Diamond goggle was created with the idea of increasing the visual field of the swimmer, while also reducing the distortion in vision that can affect curved lenses in water – all without sacrificing its hydrodynamic characteristics.

To deliver these benefits the faceted lenses were designed to be as perpendicular to the swimmer‘s effective vision as possible, with an angle of inclination that reduces dive impact and water resistance when swimming.

The exclusive mirrored gold model is a limited edition item that comes specially packaged, making it the ideal gift for any serious swimmer.


arena stocking filler ideas

Various prices


Fastpack 2.1 – 45l backpack with a carabiner hook so it can be hung up like a cupboard. RRP £50

Flex Hand Paddles – Great for upper body power workout. Flexible net surface for improved water feel, ergonomics and stroke control. RRP £18

Swim Keel – Weighted float designed for dolphin kick. Promotes over six training programmes. Suitable for fin swimming too. RRP £19.99

Cobra Ultra Mirror – The most advanced arena racing goggle available. With hard mirrored lenses, interchangeable nose bridge and a dual strap. RRP £21.99

Charlie Mcleod 07 16 062

Charlie McLeod Driathlon



Manufactured in a highly absorbent Performance Microfibre.  The Charlie McLeod Driathlon will dry you in seconds and offers a changing system waterside.  The Driathlon will prove to be an essential part of your training and competing kit.  The Unisex Driathlon is offered in three colours, Navy, Turquoise and Purple and four sizes.  Features include a New Zealand open neck collar, vented leg edged with tough contrast box stitching.  Generous fit allowing you to change under but still maintaining a contemporary feel.   Roll up your Driathlon when you’re finished, using the supplied elastic strap and back into your sports bag.

Predator Flex White Red Tint

Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra



The Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra goggle is the ultimate accessory for outdoor swimming this Christmas. Its 4 Flexpoint Technology gives you a super flexible frame, resulting in a comfortable and leak-free fit. The polarized lenses reduce glare and cut out blue light, for superb clarity of vision in high level light conditions and direct sunshine – think ahead to the summer months! Whether you are trying open water swimming as a New Year’s resolution, getting involved in more outdoor swim pursuits or looking for a goggle to kick-start your next year’s triathlon season, these are a perfect addition for your (or the swimmer in your life’s) training kit!

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Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag



A brand new, innovatively designed inflatable dry bag with shoulder straps, waist and chest straps. Head off for a hike or run, remove the shoulder and chest straps and swim!

Welcome to the world of wild swimming! There’s nothing better than heading off for a hike in the hills and then going for a swim in a remote mountain tarn, which is why Swim Secure designed this Wild Swim Bag complete with comfortable and removable backpack straps.

Fill with gear, pop on your back, run or wander to your swim spot then convert the bag into a regular inflatable dry bag. Great for swim/run enthusiasts to use in training or simply for hiking and swimming with just one bag.

Swim Red 1




The highly durable and robust military inspired KitBrix bag can hold a XXL wetsuit, dryrobe or other outer robe, towel plus all the required kit and equipment needed while training or on race day. Two bags can zip together (1 x swimming bag and 1 other) to form a rucksack to enable you to carry your wetsuit and wet gear in one and your outer robe in the other keeping your kit dry and separated plus the back of your boot neat, tidy and water free! Used by indoor swimmers and teams as the bag is locker-fit and perfect for poolside with sturdy waterproof base. The fact that the swimming bag ‘stands-up’ also enables outdoor swimmers to get changed and access the bag contents with ease.

Eskeez14 033 34 Web

Eskeez thermal base layers



Stay warm pre-swim or warm up post-swim with this super-thermal base layer from Eskeez. Alternatively, you could even wear one under a wetsuit for an extra layer of warmth equivalent to a 5mm wetsuit in thermal protection while swimming! The high soft collar helps keep water out and also reduces chafing. Design-wise, the base layer is long enough to stay tucked in and keep your lower back protected. It’s easy care and dries quickly too. The Eskeez range starts from baby sizes and goes up to 56” chest. Eskeez keep you warm top to toe with socks, beanies, leggings and sports shorts.

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Jonathan is a year-round skins swimmer with a particular love of very cold water. He has competed in ice swimming competitions around the world. He is a qualified open water coach with a particular love of introducing new swimmers to the open water.