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Watch our cold water swimming webinar

If you missed a chance to join us live, you can now watch our ‘Lunch Talk for the Winter Curious’ from the comfort (and warmth) of your own front room. 

A few weeks ago, Outdoor Swimmer’s Simon Griffiths, Ella Foote and Jonathan Cowie gathered together with readers to share their own winter swimming experiences, before diving into answering your questions about cold water swimming. 

Watch the hour-long webinar to hear the magazine team talk about how to learn to listen to your body in the water; how to adapt your swimming to all weathers; why you should be measuring time in the water rather than distance over the winter and how your response to cold water changes even after a few exposures. 

They also debunk the ‘one minute for every degree’ rule; discuss essential kit and why many summer wetsuit swimmers choose to ditch the neoprene in the winter; and answer that age old question – do you wear a dryrobe when you’re wet or when you’re dry?

All this and more in our one-hour lunchtime briefing on how to make the most of winter swimming. 

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