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How I train: Peter Plavec

Peter Plavec first started swimming six years ago. Now he is an ice and marathon swimmer and social media swim influencer with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

What is your swimming background and what are you currently training for?

I just started swimming six years ago, and I love it so much that I’m training now six to seven times per week. I was never a sportsman before. I started with a cold winter dip with a few others in Vienna. When I saw that they not just stayed in the ice cold water but they also swim distance, I felt the urge to learn to swim fast.

What attracts you to cold water swimming?

I love the fact that it is healthy, it makes me happy and I love the adrenalin too. And the community is amazing!

What does your typical training week look like and where do you like to train?

My typical training week is between 20-30km, depending on the season. I train once or twice per week outdoors in the sidearm of the Danube river here in Vienna all year long. I also train five to six times in a pool to improve my technique, endurance and speed.

How do you stay motivated when training?

I don’t really need to stay motivated. I’m more of a “consistency” guy. I have my goals, I show up every day in the pool and the results are coming. I love every swim training session.

What are you currently focused on in your training?

My cold tolerance is quite good, and my endurance as well. I’m currently focused on my technique and pace. I know that I will never get to the Olympics, but I want to be close, as much as possible.

What are your favourite pre- and post-swim foods and drinks?

That’s easy. Pre-workout it’s a double espresso and post workout depends on the season. In winter, I like hot ginger tea with honey, and in summer or after a pool session, a big bottle of water.

What’s your favourite piece of kit?

My favourite piece of kit is definitely my old school Swedish goggles. I can´t swim without them. I have them in all colours and like to change them up and combine them with funky coloured stretch cords.

What advice would you give to someone entering their first cold water event?

My advice would be to find a bunch of other people in your neighbourhood who are winter
swimming. They will teach you how to do it and all the tricks. Or follow me on my Instagram and get some tips and tricks from me…

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