Featured,  View from the Water

Issue 2 – Coming soon

I’ve spent the past few days editing some of the copy for April’s issue, and it’s looking good (although, I would say that, wouldn’t I). Simon Murie has written a great piece on Alcatraz, looking at the history of what makes this such an iconic open water swim. He also reassures us that any sharks in the vicinity are timid, and actually quite nice really. For the more leisurely minded, Kate Rew introduces us to Farleigh Riverbank Club, perhaps the last river swimming club in the UK.
Meanwhile, for anyone tempted by a 10km open water swimming race (for example, Human Race’s 10k marathon swim on 28th May, in Dorney Lake), Joel Enoch has produced a nutrition guide for the day. Other features include a guide to making the most of tides and currents, overcoming your fears in open water and our usual lidos and top spots.
The magazine will be posted by 11 April. Subscribers will shortly also have access to the electronic version, so wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to read H2Open as soon as it’s printed.
(Image: Blinq Photography)