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Swimspiration while in isolation: on screen

When you are an active person who likes to be outdoors, spending time watching television or films might not be something you usually indulge in. But screen time could be time well spent if it inspires new adventures, swimming plans or ideas. Here is our list of what you could watch while you’re at home.


Swimming with Men

British comedy starring Rob Brydon and Jane Horrocks based on the Swedish documentary Men Who Swim about a male synchronised swimming team. It follows a bored, unhappy accountant (Brydon) who finds solidarity in an all-male amateur synchronised swimming team. A bit like the Full Monty, it is an easy watch and great escapism.

100 Meters

Spanish film (with English subtitles) based on a true story about a man with multiple sclerosis who attempts an Ironman after he is told that he would not be able to walk 100 meters within a year. The film is based on the book the film offers a few surprises, humour and inspiration.


Documentary which explores lives that are transformed by the sea. Supported by outdoor brand, Patagonia, it follows six different people who dedicate their life to the ocean. From surfers to a coal miner, it’s about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean and leave imitations behind. Lots of lovely shots of water… will make you want to visit the sea.

Amazon Prime

The Swim

Follow long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte swim across the Pacific on a mission to save our oceans. Ben and his crew collect data on microplastics, singing whales and the impact of extreme exercise. See just how bad our plastic pollution is and how tough the Pacific is on Ben and the Crew. Less than an hour in total but watch episodes in short snippets.

On a Clear Day

Many will relate to this story of a man who finds himself out of work at 55-years-old and then gets an idea to swim the English Channel while on a ‘booze cruise’. Set in Scotland, the film follows the story of Frank Redmond (played by Peter Mullan) who is made redundant then after a violent panic attack realises that he needs focus. Lovely shots of Dover for those missing Channel training.

Home Swim Home

Short French film (with English subtitles) about a former swimming champion who finds herself giving swimming lessons to neighbouring residents in her apartment building, despite not having a swimming pool. Thirty-year-old Mia is going through a divorce and living in a housing project building. Might pick up ideas to swim without water…

BBC iPlayer

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve

Six-part series that explores the beauty of paradise islands like the Maldives and the darker side of the Indian Ocean where drug lords live. Exotic and extreme, follow Simon as he visits remote, dangerous and beautiful locations. He visits 16 countries in total, a fascinating escape.

Blue Planet & Blue Planet II

David Attenborough narrates a natural history of the oceans, if you didn’t see this popular series when it first came out, now is the time to catch up. Each episode examines a different aspect of marine life and includes creatures that had previously never been filmed. The second series covers 125 expeditions across 39 countries and is a wonderful reminder of our impact on the planet.

Channel 4 on Demand

Sink or Swim

This series follows a group of celebrities gearing up to swim the English Channel. Broadcast last August the challenge aimed to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer. You may have read about this in Outdoor Swimmer, but if you didn’t, it is worth watching to see how the personalities tackle the task. Contributor Keri-anne Payne coaches the team.

Apple TV

Swimming Hole Safari

Caroline Aghjanian is on a mission to find the best swimming spots in the world. Join her as she explores four incredible swimming holes to discover if they are worth the journey. Four episodes in total, and will definitely give you a bit of swim envy.

Endurance Sports TV

As of 24 March 2020, Endurance Sports TV is offering 3 months free viewing across all of its platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick and Roku).

Endurance Sports TV has hundreds of curated videos across multiple sport streams and will be adding new content on a weekly basis. You can relive great events, stay motivated for training, watch inspiring documentaries and hopefully look forward to a future race and experience a few thrills right from home.

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