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Top five sea arch swim adventures

If you’re looking to spice up your usual swimming routine, then sea arches are the perfect place to start. These ancient rock monoliths are carved out by thousands of years of the relentless march of the ocean: swimming through sea arches makes for a natural journey and a dramatic adventure swim. However, they’re not for the fainthearted – understanding the timing of the tides, the depth of the water, the strength of the swell and currents are key to staying safe and enjoying yourself. I’ve compiled this list of five awesome sea arches for you to swim through and hope there’s something for everyone below:

Pigeon Rocks Beirut Lebanon

1. Pigeon Rocks, Beirut, Lebanon

The Pigeon Rocks are two colossal rock towers in the mighty Paris of the Middle East, Beirut. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Beirut twice way back in 2008 and in 2015 and these two gigantic sentinels watch over the seafront and the citizens of the city. You can view the rocks from the date-fringed corniche which is right in front of the rocks and an excellent point to assess the swim; from there you can take one of the lower tracks and start the swim. 

Lebanon is a misunderstood and under-visited country and the mighty Pigeon Rocks are one of the most exhilarating sea arch swims you can do. This is truly an ancient swim. Beirut, and Byblos further up the coast, were home to the mighty seafaring Phoenicians – to whom which we owe many things including the modern alphabet. Swimming through the Pigeon Rocks is a journey back in time. As you pass underneath, flip onto your back and gaze up at the jagged archway and contemplate the eyes of Phoenician sailors gazing upon the same site thousands of years ago.

El Arco Baja California Usa

2. El Arco – Baja California, USA

The mighty El Arco is a sandy gold sea arch at the bottom of the beautiful Baja Peninsula. It’s earned the nickname of Land’s End because if you trace a line from its tip your final destination would be the South Pole.

Legzira Beach Agadir Morocco

3. Legzira Beach – Agadir, Morocco

Legzira Beach, south of Agadir, is considered Morocco’s most unique beach, probably due to the gigantic sea arches that dot the shore. They are so big that a person standing underneath one at low tide will seem like a small doll. The arches glow red at sunset, making a very picturesque scene.

Kleftiko Beach Milos Greece

4. Kleftiko Beach – Milos, Greece

Kleftiko Beach, on the Greek island of Milos, offers an opportunity to see multiple sea arches, some of which are big enough to navigate boats through. These elaborate arches are located off shore, and come in all sizes and shapes. They are accessible only by boat. Local legend says that pirates used to hide out in the on- and offshore caves.

Durdle Door2

5. Durdle Door – Dorset, England

On the dramatic World Heritage Jurassic Coast, one of the country’s most beautiful and unspoilt areas, Durdle Door is one of the most iconic coastal landmarks in the UK. It is a colossal natural limestone arch formed by the crashing of waves and the relentless march of the ocean.

Adventure Uncovered will explore the Jurassic Coast and swim through Durdle Door with the Wild Swimming Brothers on 2-3 September 2017. More info:


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