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Sophie Etheridge
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Watch our Q&A with English Channel swimmer Sophie Etheridge

For our recent subscriber and patron event, adaptive athlete Sophie Etheridge shared her experience of completing the longest ever one-way solo English Channel swim

Sophie Etheridge never set out to do a swim that captured the imagination of the outdoor swimming world and left even the most experienced swimmers in awe. She just wanted to swim the English Channel, and prove to herself and her doubters that she could do it.

In a wide-ranging live interview, in front of more than 40 Outdoor Swimmer subscribers, she spoke about her training and preparation, her mental coping strategies and how she dealt with pain. She responded thoughtfully to questions about whether marathon swimming rules should be modified for swimmers with disabilities and described the additional challenges of getting in and out of the boat, and hauling herself clear of the water, a requirement for a successful swim.

Watch the interview below.

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