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Review: Swim Secure’s new accessories

Retailer Swim Secure has launched some new products for the outdoor swimmer. From tow-floats to flasks, there’s a number of products designed to assist open water swimmers to enjoy the water safely. We’ve taken these products along with us on our swims, and have reviewed them below.

Citrus Dry Bag

Citrus 28L Dry Bag

This brightly coloured inflatable dry bag (£31) provides high visibility in open water for the darker months. It serves a dual purpose; with its 28 litre capacity, it’s a great way to keep kit safe and dry (and prevent it being taken from the water-side whilst swimming), or as a tow float swim buoy when empty.

28L is a generous size for a tow-float, and we found that it could easily fit a lot of clothing items in it. Whilst we haven’t used it for this purpose yet, the large capacity of the tow-float would make it great to use for a swim-walk or swim-run.

Pink Bum Bag

Waterproof Bum Bag

For those who swim and travel light, Swim Secure’s waterproof bum bag (£16) is a innovative way to keep valuables safe and dry.

With its triple lock system and velcro flap seal for added protection, the bag is perfect for keeping small items dry when taking part in aquatic activities.

Mu Pb 6 900X

Multi-Use Waterproof Bag

Many of us like to document our swims, particularly in the age of social media. One step up from the previous bum bag, Swim secure’s multi-use bag (£18.50) has a clear front screen enabling smartphone operation and use of camera through the rear camera window.

There’s also a separate internal pocket providing storage space for bank cards and car keys.

Swim Secure Flask

Vacuum Insulated Flask

With the weather and water temperature undoubtedly in extreme temperatures, warming up after a swim is more important than ever. This 500ml insulated flask (£20) can fit two mugs of hot liquid, which will keep warm for hours. We tested the flask on a particularly cold morning and the coffee inside stayed hot enough to warm us up after our swim.

For those more adventurous on their swims, the flask’s matt black finish is extra strong to protect against knocks.

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Omie is an outdoor swim coach and swim instructor who works to increase access to swimming for underrepresented groups in the sport. She is a director of Swimunity, a Community Interest Company that offers free swimming lessons for children and women in London, as well as free beach days and excursions for families to help them to connect with nature and the outdoors.