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Body care: Swimmers’ shampoo

Hair can really suffer with regular swimming in chlorine or salt. Freshwater can improve hair, but regardless we all like to smell and feel fresh after showering off our swims. Ella Foote has your guide to swimmers’ shampoo and conditioner.


TriHard Swimmers Shampoo | £13.79 

Promises to remove chlorine and saltwater from hair and scalp relieving irritation caused by pool chemicals. This one was zingy! Peppermint extracts left hair feeling and smelling fresh. Didn’t use a conditioner but my hair wasn’t left feeling dry. Passed the no-chlorine sniff test.

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Everyday Shampoo | £21.50 

Not a brand I would usually consider, but it was recommended and I understand why. Smells wonderful, really transforms hair after swimming. It also has the best environmental credentials with 83% natural ingredients and bio-based packaging made from sugarcane. I used the Hydrating Conditioner, which really made a difference after sea swimming.  

Premax Clarifying Shampoo De-Chlorine | £17.99 

A swim-specific shampoo that has become a favourite. Love the smell and it tackles a day’s worth of chlorine after teaching. I used it with the Deep Conditioner Repair and my hair felt moisturised, clean and light. Passed the no-chlorine sniff test! 

Decathlon Nabaiji Swimming Shower Gel Anti Chlorine 2in1 | £3.99 

Two in one body and hair gels are great for throwing in the kit bag. This is a cheap and cheerful product. Does the job with no frills. It did remove the chlorine smell and was fine as a body wash, but hair felt dry after. It is a good one to use at the pool and then get home for deeper wash and condition.  

Triswim Shampoo | £9 

Smells fruity and retains the fresh scent for some time after washing – beating off any chlorine stink. I wash my hair daily, this shampoo was thick but light enough to use often. Used with the conditioner my hair felt rehydrated without the limp effect. Vegan friendly too!  

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