Crisis dip a day

Diving into the New Year with a dip a day for the homeless

A group of fundraisers in the north of England are having a dip a day throughout January to help tackle homelessness in the UK – please donate what you can!

A team of swimmers and dippers based in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and the Lake District are having a daily dip in January to raise money for the homeless charity Crisis.

The fundraising group, which formed six years ago with two members, has grown to 25 swimmers, all having a daily dip throughout January to help tackle homelessness in the UK.

Many of the West Yorkshire-based fundraisers are have their dips at Gadding’s Reservoir, which a group of swimmers bought to use as their local swimming venue.

Louise Studd, from West Yorkshire, joined the fundraising group last year. So far she has braved her dips in the Women’s Pond at Hampstead Heath and the paddling pool in her back garden.

“We’re on day four of the challenge, and the novelty of getting into cold water outside every day is already wearing a little thin!,” Louise told us. “But the dips really remind us why we are doing it. It give us a chance to reflect on all the things in our lives we’re lucky to have.”

Louise explained why Crisis is a charity that’s close to her heart. “Having worked in direct access hostels as well as a range of settings where appropriate housing was key to individuals’ welfare, I’ve seen the impact of homelessness in its many forms,” she said. “All of the dippers are passionate about the importance of helping Crisis to challenge inequality in housing, as well as having a love for outdoor swimming.”

The group’s fundraising page is open for donations. If you’d like to take part in a swim challenge for Crisis, the charity is hosting a range of Icebreaker events across the UK. You can even create your own Icebreaker challenge at home.

Read our safety guidance on cold-water swimming.