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Swim Travel Guide 2023

My list of places I would like to visit and swim is getting longer and longer. If I have one wish for 2023 it is to be able to swim in faraway places, I have never been before!

I am sure, like me, you have hopes of holidays and swim adventures, but often it is difficult to know where to go first. This month’s travel supplement is designed to ignite your desires to travel and inspire swimming dreams. Whether you are a new outdoor swimmer or long-term seasoned swimmer, there are places to visit and swims to tackle for every kind of swimmer and ability. 

Some of my favourite swimming trips were put together by organisations like SwimTrek and SwimQuest. There is something quite special about someone else taking care of all the logistics and kit, while you can relax and swim. 

There are so many great opportunities featured in this supplement. Like travelling with SwimTayka – you can support local communities in fantastic locations while also experiencing a different kind of break from home. Other super swim trips include events and competitions – getting a medal in a different country is surely worth getting on a plane for. 

Wherever 2023 takes you, I hope it is blue, brilliant and bold.
Ella Foote, Editor

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