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Looking for a Christmas gift for a wild swimmer? Have a gap to fill in your collection? Back issues of Outdoor Swimmer magazine are now only £3.50 (RRP £6.95). Get them while you can!

For the whole of December, you can pick up back issues of Outdoor Swimmer for only £3.50 each (RRP £6.95). To help you choose, here are our highlights from the past few issues…

Outdoor Swimmer | Changing Seasons (Nov 2022)

World’s End Swimmers: meet a swimming community in Chile; meet expert in cold and heat exposure, Dr Susanna Søberg; celebrate lidos that embrace the winter season; BBC weather expert Kate Kinsella tells us what conditions to expect; the real life story behind Netflix’s The Swimmers: from war-torn Syria to the 2016 Rio Olympics; the history of cold water immserion in America; an Arctic ice-swimming adventure in Svalbard.

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Outdoor Swimmer | Health (Oct 2022)

Bodies of Water: Rowan Clarke explores the healing powers of cold water; an interview with cold water expert, Dr Mark Harper; the history of survival swims; ‘The Heart is There’: Philippine open water renaissance; Simon Griffiths on how to swim for health; Sarah Thomas on swimming through cancer treatment; how to swim in challenging sea conditions; myth busting cold water and wetsuits; tried and tested: neoprene accessories; a swim-walk in the Brecon Beacons; swim travel in Guernsey.

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Outdoor Swimmer | Back to School (Sep 2022)

Young hearts, swim free: youth and open water swimming; ‘Swimming is my language’, an interview with veteran long-distance swimmer Lynne Cox; Tom Blower, the first person to swim the North Channel; how to sight; ‘I survived Weil’s Disease’; how to master the buoy turn; how to swim butterfly; tried and tested: tow floats.

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Outdoor Swimmer | Adventure (Aug 2022)

Island hopping: swimming around all the islands in Windermere; dare you bare all at a mass skinny dip; an interview with Marathon swimmer David Yudovin; The Sunrise Swim Club: a lockdown adventure; Sarah Thomas’ epic North Channel double crossing; how to swim in a straight line; myth busting jellyfish encounters; how to swim head-down breaststroke; tried and tested: bags for adventure; wild swimming walks in the Lake District; Snowdonia lake dips; lido hopping.

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Outdoor Swimmer | Friendship (Jul 2022)

Dancing Queens: artistic swimmers making shapes with wild synchro; an interview with British actress Doon Mackichan; a history of swimming with friends; Joe Minihane on swimming solo; Jonathan Cowie on Blue Mind Men, a community of men swimming for mental health; sun care for swimmers; myth busting: weeds when river swimming; tried and tested: trunks; swim travel to Jamaica; stories from the adaptive open water swimming community; Viv Rickman recommends yoga moves for swimmers.

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