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Find out what happens to your body temperature when you swim in open water

Here’s a chance to find out what happens to your deep body temperature when you swim in open water. A team of researchers from the Extreme Environments Laboratory at the University of Portsmouth will be at the Henley Mile on 12 July this year, investigating the impact of water temperature on swimmers’ body temperature, as part of a study being carried out for FINA and the IOC, and they are looking for volunteer swimmers to participate in the study.

The study will involve:
1) completing a short questionnaire on swimming experience (can be done beforehand and emailed to the team)
2) having your height, weight, wetsuit and skinfold measurements taken (can be done the night before if you are camping at the venue)
3) swallowing a temperature pill. This is about the size of a jelly bean and gives off a radio signal, from which the team can pick up your temperature on a hand-held device. It is inert and won’t affect you physically. This needs to be swallowed at least 90 minutes before you swim.
4) the researchers will pick up your temperature before your swim, immediately after you finish and then half an hour later.
You’ll have access to all your own data, and will be involved in a study which may affect the rules of swim racing around the world.
If you’d like to take part, please contact for full information.
The Henley Mile also features the 2015 Open Water Swimming Show. Find out more at:
Entry to the Henley Mile allows free entry to the Open Water Swimming Show.

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