Out of the Water

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"Out of the Water" is the new play by Zoe Cooper about gender, wild swimming and how we define who we are, at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond. The coastal drama tells the story of Claire and Kit, a lesbian couple who have moved from London to South Shields, Kit’s hometown. The critically-acclaimed play explores identity and self-acceptance against the backdrop of small-town life.

The play runs from 27 April to 1 June and Outdoor Swimmer followers can get 20% off ticket prices. Use code "OUTDOOR" at check out.

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Issue 27 June 2019

  • How to swim in a straight line - very useful!
  • Swimming with a Bronze Age boat
  • How to overcome race day worries
  • Eco Heroes - Two minute beach clean
  • Love your local lido!
  • Comprehensive UK and international swim listings

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