WaterBear launches documentary about perinatal depression and the positive impact of cold water swimming

WaterBear, a free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet, announces the launch of a new original short documentary, Within the Water. Exploring the positive impact cold water swimming can have combatting prenatal depression, the documentary seeks to bring awareness to the often-unspoken mental health condition.

The documentary follows the stories of a number of women with prenatal depression and explores how the ritual of cold water swimming throughout pregnancy helped two women in particular regain control and find a sense of peace and calm.

Around one in five women experience mental health problems during pregnancy, yet prenatal depression is the lesser known of the conditions during the cycle, despite affecting between 10-20 percent of women in the UK. Treatment typically involves antidepressants or talking therapy, but many cases go undiagnosed.

Taking matters into their own hands, several women are finding solace in the outdoors through cold water therapy. Scientific evidence behind the benefits of cold-water swimming is still emerging, with The British Medical Journal publishing research highlighting it as an effective treatment for depression. However, preliminary research and case study reports have indicated that cold water swimming can in fact reduce stress, decrease inflammation and even increase immunity.

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The anecdotal stories from Within the Water describe how cold-water swimming offers a sense of calm and clarity, leaving feelings of elation and the sense of regaining control.

Ella Foote, our editor and founder of The Dip Advisor, said:

“Swimming is great for physical and mental health. When you take it outside the benefits continue to increase. Natural daylight, fresh air, immersing yourself in nature and being part of a community are all proven to better your overall well being.

“Whilst the water will be cold, and you can feel a little uncomfortable, the way your body responds to the experience will surprise, elevate and invigorate you.”

Andrea Walji, Head of WaterBear Studios, said: “At WaterBear we believe that storytelling has the power to enact, in a small or big way, some sort of change to make the world a better place.

“Within the Water demonstrates the incredible power that nature and the environment can have on our own wellbeing, whilst raising awareness of a little known issue that thousands of women are dealing with silently.”

Watch Within the Water on free streaming platform WaterBear here.

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