Wild swimming shop launches swim hat and goggle amnesty


A wild swimming shop has launched a swim hat and goggle amnesty, as they seek to reduce the amount of unwanted swim equipment going to landfill.

Sea & Stream, an online shop which opened in October 2019, provides carefully sourced sustainable products and gifts for outdoor swimmers.

The amnesty was launched to reduce the amount of unwanted swim hats and goggles going to landfill by rewarding swimmers who send in their unwanted items.

Typically, goggles and swim hats are not possible to recycle in household recycling as they are made from materials such as latex, silicone and plastic.

Sea & Stream have collaborated with SwimTayka, who are a charity that will use the donations to help provide free swimming lessons and environmental education about clean water stewardship to underprivileged children.

The wild swimming shop will will also team up with swim hat maker, Cool Bathing, who plan to up-cycle or recycle the hats in creative projects.

Items that the shop cannot repurpose will be recycled by a specialist recycling company.

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