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Summer madness

Back in February when we launched H2Open we thought it would be fun to produce a special summer issue on wild swimming. Well, we did it. Issue 4 started arriving with subscribers early this week and was available in WH Smiths from yesterday (14 July). We’re not so sure about the ‘fun’ though as the reality was we had to do all the work we normally do in two months in one. And now we’re doing it all over again for our August issue. On top of that, we want to get out and do some open water swimming from time to time!
Still, we’re really pleased with the result, and we hope you are too. We’re also excited about the August issue as we’ve been talking to some amazing swimmers and we’re looking forward to sharing their achievements and dreams. Our open water hero for the month is Penny Palfrey, whose record breaking Cayman swim we highlighted on our news pages last month. We’re also hoping to get David Walliams to talk about his attempt to swim the length of the Thames.
Looking further ahead, after August we return to our regular bi-monthly schedule and the next issue will be October. We think that will be a great time to look at swimming the English Channel. Even if you’ve no desire to ever attempt this epic swim, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by the dedication, commitment and shear hard work of those who do.
Meanwhile, the sun is shining and the water is beckoning…
Penny Palfrey on her record breaking swim: Image by Spike (and with thanks to Open Water Source)

1 Penny Cayman 13 Credit Image By Spike  Copy

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