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Thinking ahead

We had a team meeting this morning (18/4/11) to firm up what’s going into issue 3, coming out in June. With the open water racing season stepping up a gear (at least in the northern hemisphere) we’ll be looking at moving your training outside. To make the most of the time in the water you should set objectives for your session. We look at how.
Equally important, post-training you need to put back in the energy you’ve taken out. We look at some of the commercial recovery bars on offer, analyse whether they do what they’re supposed to and, of course, taste them.
Then, we’re really looking forward to our interview with Big River Man, Martin Strel (watch the trailer!). We’re also planning a feature on swimming in El Salvador as well as our usual I love OWS, lidos, top spots and classic swim features.
In July we’re producing our summer special, which will include a big spread on wild swimming. Forget about training and racing and simply find the best spots to swim and relax.