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Emma Watson used the four months she and her relay team waited for their English Channel slot to run a social media campaign to raise awareness of endometriosis

What was #waitingforthecall?
The #waitingforthecall social media campaign featured pictures of me (by photographer Laura Ward) in my Channel swimming kit in various everyday situations. My objectives were to get people talking and raise awareness of endometriosis; but it also nurtured positive body image and encouraged people back in the water.   

What is endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a chronic and debilitating condition affecting one in 10 women, that causes painful or heavy periods. It may also lead to infertility, fatigue and bowel and bladder problems.

What impact did the campaign have? As the campaign progressed, it was clear that the photographs and accompanying words were fulfilling my objectives. Women were recognising symptoms they were experiencing and seeking medical help; while friends, colleagues and strangers were considering returning to the water.

Did you get the call?
I swam the English Channel on 26 October 2017 as part of a three-person relay. When we finally got the call, it was such a relief not to have to postpone until next year. Our months of training put us in good stead to complete the swimming which we did in 13 hours 36 minutes. Slower than the Euroshuttle but much more satisfying!
What next?
I am not sure but I can guarantee it will involve open water swimming!

Support Emma’s campaign at justgiving.com/fundraising/emma-watson55. Follow Emma on Instagram @moywatson

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