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You know you’ve had a good swim when…

We’re looking for your suggestions this week. It’s easy to feel smug as a swimmer as we know that not only does swimming make us feel good, it also does us good. There are a few downsides of course: it’s addictive, you and your belongings tend to carry an aroma of chlorine or river water and your skin sometimes gets dry and itchy. At times swimming is really hard too. You feel like you’re fighting the water rather than slicing through it, your breathing is ragged and you can’t find your timing. Luckily most swimming isn’t like that and it’s usually a positive experience. So, here are our thoughts on how you know you’ve had a good swim. We’d love to hear yours.
You know you’ve had a good swim when…

  • You have a dull ache in your shoulders and a warm glow in your lats
  • You feel exhausted but contented
  • You’ve loosened off all the aches from sitting too long at your desk or in your car
  • You’ve executed a perfect set of descending repeats
  • You’ve battled through a tough patch, kept going and finished strong
  • You feel better than before you started
  • You eat a massive meal afterwards and are then hungry again 30 minutes later
  • You’re so tired you can’t face putting on your shoes
  • You feel compelled (usually through Facebook) to tell the world how far you’ve swum
  • You feel no guilt in taking a second slice of cake
  • You feel grateful that you have swimming in your life

Any others?
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