Challenge of the Month

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Every month in Outdoor Swimmer magazine we set a challenge. Past challenges include cold water synchro swimming, how many hats you can get on your head and what is the smallest body of water you can swim in. The July challenge is one for our more musical readers. The new issue of Outdoor Swimmer magazine features adventurer Alastair Humphreys playing the violin – as well as native Indian flutes and bongos being played in the water. Can you do any better? A full aquatic orchestra? Share on Instagram and tag @outdoorswimmer

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Issue 30 September 2019

  • Go Wild! Plan your perfect swimming adventure
  • The Pull of the Sea - understanding tides
  • Find Your Power! How to pace for your best race
  • Edge of the World - exploring the Hebrides
  • The Joy of Snacks! Fuel your swim adventures
  • Adventure Swimming - Gear special

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