Dryrobe partners with The Royal Life Saving Society UK

Dryrobe Rlss Partnership

Often seen warming up outdoor swimmers on the banks of seas, rivers and lakes up and down the country, dryrobes are now going to be used by The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) lifeguards and safety teams. Dryrobe has announced they are partnering with RLSS UK to support the work they do to help prevent drowning in the UK and beyond and promote their vital message of water safety and drowning prevention.

The partnership will see dryrobe products in use across RLSS UK operations – with lifeguards and safety teams utilising the unique warming benefits of the dryrobe to treat casualties at a wide range of events throughout the year.

Dryrobe will also support key initiatives co-ordinated by RLSS UK. One such programme is SH2OUT, which aims to promote water safety by providing accreditation to open water swimming venues, events and clubs. New for 2019 is Pool to Pond, an initiative designed to support pool swimmers looking to make the transition to open water swimming and ensuring this is done in the safest possible way.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK is the Drowning Prevention Charity and the UK’s leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education. Helen Bowker, commercial manager for RLSS UK welcomed the partnership: “As we seek to promote open water swimming and water-based activities, as important contributors to mental and physical health and well-being, it is vitally important participants are able to stay safe while they enjoy themselves. Getting warm and dry quickly afterward, is an integral part of the open water experience and as such, we’re delighted that a company like dryrobe, with its innovative approach and great designs, have come aboard.”

Gideon Bright, dryrobe founder and director commented: “We’re very proud to be in partnership with RLSS UK – dryrobe is all about being active and enjoying time outdoors, as well as staying safe while you do so. We’re committed to promoting RLSS UK’s mission of water safety, so this partnership really is a perfect fit.”

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