Great East Swim cancelled

Great East

Great Swim have announced that the Great East Swim and Great East Swimrun will not take place in 2022 or in the future.

Thousands of swimmers participated in the Great East Swim over the years, achieving their swim goals and raise significant funds for good causes.

“Unfortunately, the Great East Swim is not currently feasible in its current site in Alton Water, due to ongoing challenges with Blue-Green Algae which has caused the event to be impossible to stage in 2021. We have explored ways to mitigate this as well as looking for other locations, but unfortunately, we haven’t found a solution to the problem, and we can’t continue to operate without confidence the event will go ahead” said the Great Swim team in a statement.

Anyone who currently has an entry into the Great East Swim event will receive a full refund.

01 Cover January 22

Issue 57 January 2022

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