How to swim twice as fast

Want to boost your swim speed? No need to put in extra training hours, simply join the Bantham Swoosh, a new event from the Outdoor Swimming Society on Sunday 5th July.
“Unique features of this event include a sandy shallow estuary, which gives a fish eye view of the estuary bed, and a ‘swoosh’ at the end,” says event director Kate Rew. “A combination of tidal flow and narrow estuary mouth mean the closer you get to the end of the swim, the faster you go – the last section feels a little like being superwoman as you see the scenery both underwater and around you woosh past with no extra effort.”
The Swoosh is a 6km open water swim and takes place in Devon on Sunday 5th July. Entries cost £70 and close on 15th June. The swim is not a race and acclimatised swimmers can swim without a wetsuit.
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