The Tonic of Longevity

Antonia 3

Antonia Bachelor, age 82

“I just love being in the sea, out there in the elements – I suppose it is my own search for the wild and my connection with my childhood. I just love being immersed in the natural world. I love seeing the seals and the cormorants, the way they swoop over our heads whilst we are swimming when the sun is just rising, and the water is still, it is just so wonderful to be out there completely supported in the wild open sea. I feel safe as all the other swimmers look out for me, they are my friends and they deliberately hover and help me in and out of the water.”

Antonia is one of a group of older swimmers who swim every day in the sea at Battery Rocks, Penzance. How will you spend your later years? Will you be out there, in the wild, at one with the ocean and feeling ever so wonderfully free?

Excerpt from The Tonic of Longevity, an essay on cold water swimming and ageing, by Katie Maggs, in the February issue of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine.

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01 Cover March Copy

Issue 47 March 2021

  • Swimming with MND - How Alex Francis is redefining adventure with a regime of cold water swimming
  • New Horizons - Meet lockdown's army of new swimmers
  • On the Dry Side - How other sports can support your swimming.
  • UK Travel - Wild swim walks in Cornwall
  • The Native Origins of Freestyle - how white people named a style of swimming indigenous people had mastered millennia before

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