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In magazines, you always work ahead of the calendar. It’s something you’d think we get used to, and mostly we do, but I still get disorientated thinking about the new year and working on our January issue at the beginning of December. Still, our aim is to get our January issue to subscribers before Christmas so after you’ve taking your festive dip you can curl up in front of a (sustainably-sourced and smoke-free) log fire and plan your 2019 outdoor swimming adventures.

In fact, the Outdoor Swimmer team have spent the past few days putting together a list of swim recommendations for you, whether you’re planning to take on your first open water mile, want to train up for a long-distance challenge or are looking for something a little bit different. All will be revealed in the January issue.

However, my favourite article in the new issue is one that looks back, rather than forwards. Did you know that Chairman Mao was an avid outdoor swimmer? He apparently learnt as a child in a pond on his father’s farm but later realised the propaganda value in using swimming to demonstrate his physical prowess. Fascinating stuff.

On to more practical matters, we’ve got two articles this issue to help you look after yourself. The first deals with the risk of swimming-related burnout and how to avoid it and the second looks at how to strengthen and protect your shoulders to help you avoid being side-lined by injury while training for those brilliant events you’ve signed up for.

Other things to look out for in our January issue include an interview with Sharron Davies, where to find the tiny but mighty water shrew (Britain’s only venomous mammal) and how stand-up paddleboarding can help you stay connected with the water if winter swimming isn’t your thing.

You can order your copy of the January 2019 issue here.

And if you haven’t yet got our brilliant December 2018 issue, that’s available here.


Picture of the week

I've selected this old picture of Chairman Mao as our picture of the week this week as it perfectly matches the description given by Mao's personal physician, Dr Li Zhisui: "He floated on his back, his big belly sticking up like a round balloon."

In each issue of the magazine we publish a selection of your images in our Selkie Reader Photo Contest. To be in with a chance of having your photo featured in the magazine and winning outdoor swimming kit and apparel from Selkie Swim Co enter your best pics now.

01 Cover March Copy

Issue 47 March 2021

  • Swimming with MND - How Alex Francis is redefining adventure with a regime of cold water swimming
  • New Horizons - Meet lockdown's army of new swimmers
  • On the Dry Side - How other sports can support your swimming.
  • UK Travel - Wild swim walks in Cornwall
  • The Native Origins of Freestyle - how white people named a style of swimming indigenous people had mastered millennia before

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