June 2023 ‘Sea’

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The sea has captivated humans for centuries with people wanting to cross oceans, discover lands and understand tides. Swimmers either fear or fall in love with the sea. Some choose to swim far and long, across channels or along lengths of coastline, others dip and dabble at the beach.

I have always loved the sea, my first wild water experience as a child. It has at times scared me, rolled me over and spat me back at the beach but mostly it has soothed and supported me throughout my life.

This month’s issue is a celebration of the sea and like it or loathe it, there are lessons to be learned in these pages.

Click on our lead feature, Tales from the Shoreline and discover tiny objects with extraordinary stories before diving into tidal pools with author, swimmer and podcaster Freya Bromley. Still finding your sea legs? Why not try sea hiking a sort of cross-training that sounds utterly exhausting and yet brilliant.

In this month’s training Jonathan Cowie helps us swim through waves and chop, while Simon Griffiths shares how to train in the pool for the ocean. There are some sea-inspired travel pages and if you need a new swimsuit check out our tried and tested gear pages. If you live inland, you can escape to the seaside with our picks of sea-books, audio and film.


Ella Foote, Editor

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