October 2023 ‘Back to Pool’

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As the autumn sets in, it can feel like we lose a little of ourselves to the season. While many of us have embraced winter swimming, getting the time and distance in the water when it is cooler, and days are shorter becomes a real challenge. Many will head back to the pool, which is why this month we are celebrating swimming pools.

Most swimmers start their journeys in a swimming pool, if you are lucky, you were taught at a young age but regardless of when you learnt to swim, it is almost always in a pool. Pools offer a place of consistency, which enables learning and aids training. Whether you just like a dip or you’re someone that swims across channels, pools will have played a part in your swimming journey.

I use pool swimming to train for long distance swims when the weather and water isn’t in my favour. I have a fondness for pools, despite the chlorine and other off-putting elements, so it is sad to think of local leisure centres closing in our communities. In this month’s issue Rowan Clarke investigates and urges us to support our local pools, I take a dip into the wonderful world of natural swimming pools
and Elaine K Howley explores the history of Chlorine. We also have a pull-out training supplement this month, which aims to inspire your training plans over the winter months and get you back the pool.

Enjoy the issue!

Ella Foote, Editor

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