Health – October 2022

Editor’s Letter:

This month the clocks fall back, and we enter darker, colder months in the northern hemisphere. It is the start of the winter swimming season, which will be celebrated by many swimmers, those who are seasoned, as well as those new to outdoor swimming.

With kids back to school and people heading indoors, coughs and colds are common again and with the lack of daylight hours our mental health can dip too, which is why in the October issue I wanted to focus on our health. As so many swimmers report the benefits of swimming, especially in the colder months, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look.

Rowan Clarke meets swimmers with real-life stories of how swimming improved their health (p14) and I sit down with Dr Mark Harper, cold water enthusiast and anesthetist to find out about his new book, Chill: The Cold Water Swim Cure (p20). Elaine Howley looks into the history of survival swims (p24), Jonathan Cowie explores body culture (p38) and I find out about social prescribing (p42). All this as well as travel to Guernsey, neoprene accessories on test and your stories, photos and more!

Enjoy the issue

Ella Foote, Editor

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  • Bodies of Water: Rowan Clarke explores the healing powers of cold water 


  • Swimterview: Dr Mark Harper 
  • Swim History: Survival swims  
  • “The Heart is There”: Philippine open water renaissance 


  • Simon Griffiths: How to swim for health 
  • Sophie Etheridge: I am a Channel swimmer 
  • Susanne Masters: Environment 
  • Sarah Thomas: Swimming through cancer treatment 
  • Joe Minihane: Sewage crisis 
  • Minreet Kaur: Beginner Swimmer 
  • Caroline Saxon: Prioritising rest 
  • Jonathan Cowie: Free Body Culture 


  • Cassie Patten: Training zones 
  • Open Water Skills: How to swim in challenging sea conditions 
  • Move of the Month: Tricep kickbacks 
  • I Survived: Transient Global Amnesia 
  • Myth Busting: Cold water and wetsuits 


  • Neoprene accessories 
  • Ear plugs 


  • Social Prescribing  
  • Ear health 


  • Event Review: Herm 360 
  • UK and international event listings 


  • Swim Walk: The Punchbowl, Brecon Beacons 
  • Travel: Guernsey 


  • Photo Competition 
  • Author profile 
  • Swimterprize 
  • Watch, Read, Listen 
  • My Swim Story 

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