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Foot stretches
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Easy foot stretches for swimming

Liz Lowe is your guide to stretches that can build strength and increase mobility in your feet, improve your kick and reduce likelihood of cramp

We expect a lot from our feet. As our foundations, they help us move well both in and out of the water – and they really benefit from a little focus. Releasing tension, building strength and increasing mobility in this area can reduce pain, improve balance, progress swimmers’ kick and even reduce the likelihood of cramp.

Here are a few simple stretches for happy feet.

Foot massage

Release tension using thumbs to knead and massage in a circular motion.

Toe stretch

Place fingers between toes then move them gently backwards and forwards or in a circular movement to give toes a good stretch.

Foot rolling

Roll a tennis ball (or similar) under your foot, including the arch.

Toe lifts

Standing or sitting, lift big toes while pressing the remaining four toes down, then try lifting the four toes while pressing the big toe down.

Plantar flexion to dorsiflexion

Sitting (or standing with one knee raised, to test balance), point and flex feet. Do this 5-10 times, without rushing. You can also try this with a resistance band.

Ankle mobility

Rotate each ankle 5-10 times in both directions, or try writing the alphabet.

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