Winter Swimming World Championships 2018


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Pinks Bridge Big Sky

Thames Marathon voted best UK swim event in 2017

Recognising the growth in popularity of outdoor swimming, Racecheck, a race review website for endurance events across a range of sports, has added a new category in its annual awards: Best UK Swimming Event.

11 Jan 2018 • Simon Griffiths
Tiger TriComp
Sowsa Logo Square

Proposal launched to create Scottish Open Water Swimming Association

The Scottish Open Water Swimming Association (SOWSA) is a proposed new charity that aims to promote and grow safe open water swimming in Scotland. The intention is to launch SOWSA in February 2018 following a three month consultation period

21 Nov 2017 • Simon Griffiths
Crisis Winter Swim

Homelessness charity Crisis wants swimmers to get cold

Each winter, Crisis hold a series of icy plunge swims to raise funds and awareness for those sleeping rough. You get cold for a few minutes to help support people who are out in the cold all the time.

16 Nov 2017 • Simon Griffiths

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