Shoulder stretch
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Move of the month: Thoracic spine extension

This is a move that helps stretch and mobilise our shoulders, increasing their range of motion. Vivienne Rickman is your guide.

This move is a stretch that helps mobilise our shoulders, increasing their range of motion. This thoracic spine stretch also gives the lats a long stretch and you will feel your triceps getting a stretch too.  

Equipment needed 

A bench at the gym is ideal for this move, but you could use a coffee table or chair at home or anything at a suitable height to get into position. 

An exercise mat. 

How to do a thoracic spine extension

  1. Kneel on the floor and place your elbows on the bench in front of you. 
  1. Breathe out, push your hips back and sink your head down between your arms. Your ribs will feel like they are moving towards the floor. Keep a neutral spine and brace the core. 
  1. To increase the stretch on the triceps, move your hands towards your upper back. 
  1. Breath out, raise up to the starting position and repeat.  


For a greater stretch on the lats, hold a mobility pole in your hands to keep them slightly apart. 

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