March 2024 ‘Endurance’

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Swimmers and the swimming community never fail to impress or inspire me, it is why this job is so brilliant and rewarding. I will never be a millionaire as a journalist, but in this community I am rich. I am constantly gifted the most precious swim experiences, handed to me with cold hands, wet feet and the warmest of hearts.

This month’s issue, like all others, is another gift. We are treated to stories, lessons, wisdom and adventure from our endurance community, and I hope it inspires your swim goals this year.

Spring is a brilliant time to set yourself some objectives and looking at how you want to swim in 2024 is a great way to shape your life. If you haven’t ever taken part in an open water event, perhaps this is the year to do it? Check out our events supplement, which is in addition to your usual magazine. Grab a pen and circle the events you fancy in our listings and then head to the magazine to be inspired to achieve your goals.

I have mixed feelings about event swimming. A lot of my swimming today is down to the events I have swum, people I have met training or swimming on event day and what I have learnt from swimming in different places. I have taken part in some tough swims and often wondered while in the water, what it was all for! But I have always finished feeling transformed in some way.

I haven’t swum in a big event for a few years now, but this year I hope to take part in the around- Brownsea Island swim for the second time. I first completed it in 2013. I am over ten years older, definitely slower and need to put in some decent training to achieve the distance. Am I worried? Yes! I am super anxious about it, but I have some friends swimming beside me and we will work together to prepare for it too. Above all, I will be swimming in a place I love, moving my body in a way I enjoy and it will be a great privilege to be involved.

I think it is healthy to have goals that scare you a little bit. Leaning into that discomfort, taking action and swimming has always rewarded me in the past, I hope this year will be no different.

If you are wondering why you would take your swimming further, longer or perhaps faster, then dive into this issue and find out how you can build on your swimming and better your life!

Ella Foote, Editor

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  • Deakin & Blue bring deadstock to life
    From one swimsuit to a successful sustainable brand and stylish swimwear collection, Outdoor Swimmer meets Deakin and Blue founder Rosie Cook
  • How to get your head around long-distance swimming
    Simon Griffiths offers his insights on how he mentally prepares himself for longer swims in the open water.
  • We shall endure
    What does it take to swim 183km? Rowan Clarke gets into the endurance swimming mindset.
  • A mile to a marathon
    Have you swum in mass participation events but feel ready to take your swimming to the next level? Coach Kate Gillwood gives the lowdown on solo swims and explains how you can step up to marathon distances.
  • Jessica Hepburn: Why I swim
    Jessica became the first woman in the world to achieve ‘The Sea, Street, Summit Challenge’ – swim the English Channel, run a road marathon (London) and summit Mount Everest.
  • Move of the month: arm external rotation
    A great move to train for swimming longer distances, this exercise will develop the range of motion of the shoulder helping to reduce the risk of developing swimmer’s shoulder.
  • How to choose supportive swimwear
    The Outdoors Swimmer team put ZOGGS new supportive swimwear to the test. 
  • Gifting swimming forward
    Olympian, cold water swimmer and British sporting hero. Jonathan Cowie speaks to Swimathon President Duncan Goodhew. 
  • March in the swim community
    NOWCA and Mental Health Swims give us the lowdown on what they’re up to this month, from creating a natural swimming pond to welcoming more people into the open water community.
  • Winter freestyle refresher, part 5: putting it all together
    Reflecting on the various components covered in his front crawl refresher series – body position and balance, breathing arms and legs – Simon Griffiths explores how to pull it all together.
  • Is it safe to swim in cold water when pregnant?
    Can colder temperatures of open water have a negative impact on pregnancy? Cold water experts Dr Mark Harper and Dr Heather Massey answer this reader question.
  • Going long distance
    Paul Newsome, Head Coach at Swim Smooth, shares his smarter approach to training for long-distance swims.
  • How I train: Andy Donaldson
    Andy is a Scottish-Australian marathon swimmer and a three-time world record holder with records including the fastest time to complete the Oceans Seven marathon swim challenge, and the fastest swim across the Cook Strait.
  • Weekend swim retreat: The Good Hotel, London
    Looking for a London weekend break with a swim in the Thames? Ella heads to The Good Hotel in the Big Smoke.
  • Meet outdoor cook Harrison Ward, AKA Fell Foodie
    Harrison Ward, known as the Fell Foodie, is an outdoor cook who loves to recreate restaurant-style meals in remote locations.
  • Swims that shaped me: Ella Foote
    Much like books we’ve read, places we’ve visited and people we’ve met, our swim experiences shape us. In this new feature we ask you to share a list of swims that have changed your life in some way. Editor Ella Foote kicks off the series.
  • Wild swim retreat: Elmley Nature Reserve
    Ella Foote discovers unexpected beauty and wild adventure on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.
  • Eastern Bay Ice Mile 2024
    Simon Griffiths went along to watch (but not participate in) this popular ice mile event in Dublin.
  • “I feel dizzy when swimming”
    Swimming coach and Olympian Cassie Patten has advice for if you find yourself feeling dizzy when swimming – and how to rebuild your confidence in open water
  • How to fuel your long-distance swim, plus energy gels tried and tested
    Swimming in open water poses unique challenges in terms of energy needs. Read our tips for staying fuelled on long-distance swims, plus our guide to the best energy gels.

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