February 2023 ‘Challenge’

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February can be a strange month. It is short, often cold and can feel long. Festivities and New Year is way behind us, yet spring is yet to arrive. It can be a good month to start thinking about goals and how you might like to challenge yourself in 2023. This month’s issue is designed to inspire you to tackle a new swim challenge.

One of my favourite things about outdoor swimming is the variety of ways you can push yourself and swimmers are always surprising me with creative ventures. I love that there are a huge number of events up and down the UK and across the world that you can enter. Fancy a mile or a marathon, there is something for everyone. Have you ever wondered how hard it is to put on an outdoor swimming event and keep everyone safe? Find out below. Melanie Barratt shares her story about being the first blind person to attempt to swim the English Channel and Jonathan Cowie finds out about swimming from Sealand. Jasmine Harrison tells us that logistics was the biggest challenge with her length of Britain swim and I meet Jayde Adams to hear all about Strictly Come Dancing and swimming. Of course, if you don’t fancy a mass participation swim – dream up your own event. Invite some pals, grab a map and plan a swim that is meaningful or challenging for you. Check out Alison Gilchrist’s swimming into fear piece. There is so much in this issue, you might have to boil the kettle twice to get through it!


Ella Foote, Editor

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